Single Barrel

The nose begins with oaky notes not unlike what you expect at a sawmill, but they mingle with sweet aromas of rich fruit flavors. There is a sweet oaky essence balanced by hints of plum, bing cherry, fig, and rich dark grape flavors. Floral notes make an appearance as well as a distinct lavender note. Also present are hints of warm apple spice cake, oaky molasses and the thickness of tobacco. Initially on the taste, is a distinct combination of rich leather, tobacco, black pepper and caramel. The sensation splashes across the mid-palate moving in all directions with a heavy thickness, a certain viscosity that gives it a huge mouthfeel. Notes of ripe plum, dark fruit balanced by molasses, caramel, toffee and faint pepper finish it off. The Finish is medium in body, muted but spicy, very clean and certainly not overpowering for the proof.

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My grandparents moved from Kentucky and Tennessee to farm in Washington state in 1912.Together, they raised four boys and two girls on a fruit farm. I grew up with a large, extended family which included my parents, grandparents, my four siblings and uncles on our homestead near Yakima, Washington. READ MORE>>>