The nose is at first a combination of honey and oak. Floral notes like honeysuckle are there with the crisp smell of a green, Granny Smith apple. The oak lends an earthiness to the nose, like the smell of sweet molasses with the hint of old lumber. It is immediately very bright and vibrant on the palate even though there is a lot of dark chocolate darker notes like rich leather. A very syrupy mouthfeel that hints Pralines & Cream as well as sweet creamy peanut butter. It’s big on the palate, rich and robust, without overpowering. It works across the palate with an amazingly syrupy quality. Coating the back of the palate with only a faint lingering of peppery spice for something this high in proof. The finish balances beautifully with all the initial sweetness giving this incredible complexity from start to finish.

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My grandparents moved from Kentucky and Tennessee to farm in Washington state in 1912.Together, they raised four boys and two girls on a fruit farm. I grew up with a large, extended family which included my parents, grandparents, my four siblings and uncles on our homestead near Yakima, Washington. READ MORE>>>